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Dr. Angela Kelly is a writer, scholar, artist and photographer. She has devoted her life to encouraging others to access their own creativity and use it to revere the natural world. Angela has worked with both art therapy and equine therapy.  Angela holds a Doctorate in Human Development, an M.A. in Organizational Management and a B.A in Fine Arts from the University of California at Santa Barbara.
Angela works in acrylic paints, water colors, charcoal, ink, mixed media art as well as photography. Angela's art and photographs have been featured in national magazines, national advocacy work and most recently a documentary about artists working to save wild horses. Angela has worked on projects for 17 years with a national wild horse sanctuary. She also served as Chair of the Development committee on the Board of Directors for two years. She has been photo documenting wild horses for 17 years.  Angela has photo documented and researched the helicopter round ups run by the Bureau of Land Management in The American West as part of ongoing work to ensure that wild horses are humanely protected in the USA.  

She has exhibited in over 40 exhibitions including a castle in Tuscany. A percentage of all Angela's art sales support the projects she is involved with to create solutions. She has written and received over 35 grants including five consecutive grants from the California Endowment totaling $287,000 to launch the first art therapy art project they ever funded for 600 low-income youth in Southern California based on the findings of her dissertation study which utilized the arts for drug and gang resistance for at risk youth. Angela is the proud Mom of her 18-year-old son Max. Angela has been a passionate advocate for social justice, the arts, animal welfare and the environment. 


For more information regarding project consultation or acquiring art or photographs- please contact Angela via email at:

(photograph of Angela & King)

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